Medium Velocity Water System

Introduction : Medium velocity water spray systems are installed to control the burning and to provide cooling and/or exposure protection to such risks where extinguishment is always not possible or even desirable, for example, fires involving flammable fluids having flash points below 65°C. These 60°C systems are also used sometimes for power station applications in coal conveyors, cable galleries, etc.

This clause provides guidelines for the protection of the following areas by medium velocity water spray system.

  • General area protection plants where flammable solvents are stored and/or used
  • Horizontal storage vessels (for example, LPG bullets, etc)
  • Vertical storage vessels (for example, benzene, xylene, toluene tankage)
  • Spherical storage vessels (for example, LPG bullets, spheres, etc)
  • Spot protection (protection of selective areas/ equipments).