The services offered include original feasibility report, risk study, hazard classification, fire protection system requirements and conceptual layouts in accordance with specified codes. The reports include the financial aspects i.e. cost involved and the benefits available such as insurance rebates etc.

The services offered include development of detailed drawings, general arrangement drawings, layout drawings, isometrics and construction drawings. These drawings shall have all back up documents such as complete calculations system write-ups, component selection criteria, technical data sheets, material take off, installation and testing procedures, operation and maintenance manuals etc. All mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation requirements related to systems selected shall be suitable documented for proper implementation during execution. Approval of the system designs shall be obtained from principal consultants, TAC and other statutory bodies.

Specialised services of experienced engineers are available in this critical area. The services include complete project planning, implementation and execution. Schedules, PERT are made on the basis of critical path of various activities and are implemented by finalisation of input parameters, system design, detailed engineering, procurement, erection, testing and commissioning etc. including proper monitoring, coordination and timely completion. We also offer services of Supervision of erection, testing and commissioning and approval of sophisticated Fire Protection Systems installed by other agencies.

Efficient and cost effective services are offered for obtaining approval of the installed system by TAC for claiming insurance rebate / benefits. This includes organisation of the inspection by insurance company engineers during the erection stages as well as during the performance demonstration of the installed system.

Expert advice and services are offered for the augmentations required in case of renovation / expansion of the existing / obsolete fire protection facilities to meet the requirements of the applicable codes and standards in a cost effective manner including TAC approval and insurance rebate / benefits.

The services are offered to ensure round the clock uninterrupted performance of the installed Fire protection System by providing high class of preventive maintenance to reduce the chances of breakdown & discontinuity. Trained, skilled & ualified staff is deputed to look after the specific system needs & requirements. Necessary tools & spares are made vailable for immediate repairs. We ensure that the systems are maintained in a state of permanent readiness to encounter any eventuality.

Specialized services of experienced engineers & technicians are available to train the plant staff in operation & maintenance of the sophisticated systems. We believe that there is no substitute for hands-on learning. In case of any emergency the trained people can make best use of the installed systems in extinguishing the fire. All programmes are conducted by latest audio-visual presentation equipments and necessary printed material is provided for future reference.