Welcome To Ganges Fire Engineering Systems

Ganges Fire Engineering Systems is a Fire Protection, Security Services provider Company, who has the experience and expertise in executing all types of Fire Fighting and Security Systems on turnkey basis.

Our team not only consists of experienced, well qualified and dedicated personnel.

G Fire do the Design, Supply, Installation, and Commission of All type of Fire, Gas, Detection Alarm Systems, All Type of Fire Fighting Systems and Security Systems

We are geared up to maintain all types of Systems, such as:

  • Addressable, Analogue Smoke, Heat, UV / IR, & Beam Detection and Alarm systems.
  • Automatic / Manual Fire Extinguishing Systems consisting of CO2 (High & Low) Pressure, Argonite, FM-200, Novac-1230, Water mist, Kitchen wood and Inergen, Clean agent systems etc.
  • Gas Detection Systems such as – LPG, Hydrogen, Carbon monoxide, Chlorine, etc.
  • Fire Hydrant, Deluge, Sprinkler, High / Medium / Low Velocity Water Spray Systems.
  • Security Systems such as – CCTV, All type of Cameras, High speed, zoom, weather proof IR Heater & Blower, Speed Dome keyboard Controller, Specialize Series: Mobile channel DVR with screen & wireless camera, Pin Hole camera W WDR & OSD, Mirror Camera, Face Capturing, Parking, Toll Bridge ALPR, DVR, Hybrid DVR, Burglar Alarm, Access Control, Surveillance systems.
  • Mobile Surveillance, Mobile DVR, NVR Applications:
  1. GPS Tracking: GPS tracking for vehicle position Speed capture for road security / driver safety.
  2. Trains and Buses: Monitor safe bus or train operation, example: Stopping, signaling, opening / closing door, speed etc. Monitor passengers’ activities inside the vehicle, entry / exit. Instant back-up of recording events. Auto uploads of alarms.
  3. Law Enforcement: Record reel time audio/ video road monitor camera can record evidence for law enforcement. Keep track of rear seats occupants. Rear camera view on demand on back up. Auto back up all events to server for achieving.
  4. Protect Vehicle: Surveillance cameras pointed outsides buses can help identify motorists who illegally pass buses, or identify erratic and dangerous driver behaviors.
  5. Transport Industries: Record activities on the road for safe driving, Keep track of routes, speed, delay, times to increase productivities, Monitor rear and internal activities, Reduce insurance costs and increase customer satisfaction, Monitor Valuable merchandise at all times.
  6. School Buses: Monitor safe school bus operation, Monitor student activities inside the bus, Instant back up of recording events, Auto upload of alarms, Monitor real view on backing up, Monitor Driver Efficiency, Monitor cash logistics at all times, Live view at triggered alarms,.
  7. Wireless Monitoring: We offer optional wireless WIFI module for short distance OR internal wireless network connection, and GPRS / WCDMA module for long distance remote functions via 3G, 4G connection, Hence the vehicle can be tracked via wireless connection and have dates data for management and control.
  8. Crime Investigation: Footage from on board security cameras can prove valuable in criminal investigations of incidents taking place on buses as well as outside.
  9. Fleet Operations: Increased visibility of your drivers on the road or at work site, Deter moving violations of your drivers, Inspect and reinforce professional driver conduct and accountability in real time any time.
  10. Prevent Theft: Deter internal theft and fraud, Minimize risks and maximize business results, Centralized visual assessment of entire fleet while they‘re in motion, visually monitor contact staff in real-time as your vehicle is in operation.
  11. Monitoring Driver behavior: On board surveillance help to ensure that bus drivers Cary out their duties in a professional manner.
  12. Enforce Rider Regulations: Bus rules and regulations are easier to enforce with a second set of eyes, it’s common for buses to feature signs which mentions the presence of video surveillance, Riders who know they‘re under watch are more likely to follow rules, pay bus fares, and obey driver orders.

Our Design teams familiar with all standards like NFPA, ISI. NEC, BIS, SNAP, ABB, LLOYD’S, NK, OSID, by well qualified and experienced personnel and supported by an energetic and enthusiastic team of engineers,

Our teams are well exposed to all Local Civil Defense / Fire Safety Environmental norms and strictly adhere to latest National and International Fire Protection Standards, Codes, Data and specifications by having continuous dialogues with the local Civil Defense Authority from Design till Commissioning.





CIN: U74999TG2021PTC149750